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What We Do

We proudly represent a diverse array of clients including, individual landowners, small-scale producers, family farms and ranches, irrigation districts, water use and mutual ditch companies, and larger corporations in water law and real property matters throughout Montana. Our expertise includes transactional work, all stages of water rights litigation, and mediation services. We focus on the following areas:

ARB Law Group specializing in Montana Water Law

Water Law

  • Water Court Adjudication Proceedings in the Montana Water Court

  • Water Rights Administration and Enforcement in state district courts

  • Administrative proceedings in front of the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation

  • Water Rights Assessments

  • Water Distribution Conflicts

  • Groundwater Issues

  • Exempt Claim Filings

  • Ditch and Easement Rights

ARB Law Group specializing in Ditch Rights and Ditch Easements

Real Property Law

  • Ditch Rights and Easements

  • Access Issues

  • Conservation Easements

ARB Law Group specializin in water rights mediation

Mediation Services

  • Water Rights Adjudication Disputes

  • Water Rights Enforcement Disputes

  • Ditch Easement & Access Disputes

ARB Law Group, Montana Water Law