Conflict Resolution Services

"Conflict is inevitable, combat is optional." - Max Lucado

Conflict in our relationships, communities, or organizations is inevitable. We have choice in our response and attitude towards those conflicts. We can choose to see the conflict as an opportunity to shed those habits that are not working and try something new to address our new challenges and circumstances. To arrive at this place, however, we often need the assistance of an outside party to facilitate and guide the conversation with those with whom we are in conflict.  This is the role of a mediator and conflict coach. Abby Brown is both a practicing attorney and trained mediator and conflict coach whose conflict resolution services are available in:

Water Rights Related Disputes

  • Water Court adjudication proceedings

  • District Court water enforcement proceedings

  • Administrative Proceedings in the Montana DNRC

  • Assistance to water commissioners in distribution projects

  • Ditch easement or access easement disputes or conflicts

  • Conflict between groups  (i.e. environmental or conservation groups, developers, local governments, water users) related to the use of water resources

  • Water use disputes that are not involved in any ongoing litigation proceedings

Non-water right Related Disputes​​

  • Creating or amending parenting plans

  • Family conversations or disputes

  • School or youth organization conflicts

  • Neighborhood or community conflicts

  • Organizational or business conflicts

Conflict Coaching is available if you, your children, or your organization are not necessarily in conflict with another person or group, but would like to develop your own communication skills and strategies to be better equipped to handle conflict that naturally arises. This includes trainings for school-age or college-age youth in peer mediation and self-negotiation techniques.

**We firmly believe prevention of conflict and conflict resolution outside of litigation create more durable solutions that should be available to everyone, regardless of economic circumstances. Therefore, our mediation and conflict coaching services are available on a sliding fee scale. Please contact us to learn more about this fee scale.**

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